Afternoon tea while on the search for the white rabbit

In love with Alice in Wonderland and have always wondered what wonderland might taste like? Look no further. We have tried the afternoon tea with the Mad Hatter and loved our experience. Known as the “Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea”  (48 pounds without champagne) at the Sanderson Hotel ( it is definitely worth going for some sandwiches, cakes and tea. The Sanderson Hotel is just off Oxford Street. Looking at the hotel from the outside we would have never expected the quirkiness we were greeted with once we stepped inside of the hotel lobby. Of course we opted for the champagne afternoon tea.

We had a choice of teas, all named after characters from the Alice in Wonderland book.

img_9535FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Once we had chosen our tea (we had the Alice and Mad Hatter teas) we got started with sandwiches. One of us went for the vegetarian sandwiches and they were delicious! Especially the avocado mousse in a cone! Staff were friendly and offered us more sandwiches (don’t eat before heading here, the food just keeps on appearing on the table, magically…).


When we had finished the sandwiches we were brought our cake stand (highlight of the afternoon) with scones, cakes and a little drink me bottle (we did not grow nor shrink). The cakes were in form of a caterpillar, a watch, ladybird etc (but we don’t want to spoil the surprise of what else you will find on your plate). Looking at all the goods one can see the attention to detail that was put into creating this wonderful wonderland tea.

FullSizeRender (9).jpgIMG_9558.JPG

It was sad when it all ended, but we enjoyed our afternoon experiencing Alice’s world. We have seen they now also do an Autumn tipsy evening tea for grown-ups which includes a drink with bailey’s. We do recommend to reserve a table via their website as the Mad Hatter is a busy man and has many people popping by for an afternoon tea.

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