Cupcake heaven

We love cupcakes…!!! Then again, who doesn’t? So we have made our way through London trying various cupcake places and have found our three favourite ones. This does not mean the other places aren’t great, nor does it mean that we are finished in our search for amazing cupcakes, as we are sure there are loads more to discover then the many we have eaten our way through. Here are our three choices (so far):

Hummingbird Bakery

Hummingbird Bakery ( is THE first place we went to to buy cupcakes. Their first shop opened in Notting Hill and they have now grown and run 6 branches around London: Notting Hill, South Kensington, Soho, Spitalfields, Richmond and Islington. The shops have seating, though it is limited seating. Their South Kensington and Spitalfields branch provide outside seating, which is great for a nice and sunny London cupcake day. Now to the important part: their cupcakes!! Delicious. Their classic for which they are well-known for is the red velvet cupcake. We have tried many other red velvets, but none live up to the standard of the Hummingbird Bakery one. They also do seasonal flavours and daily flavours. The one to have during summer time is their Eaton Mess, you just cannot miss it! Delicious. And during the Christmas season their gingerbread cupcake is worth trying. Some of their other regular cupcakes we love (the red velvet one is of course a must), are the classic carrot cake cupcake and their vanilla ones with different colours for the icing and fairy sprinkles sprinkled over the top. Hummingbird bakery does use a lot of icing on their cupcakes, if you do not like cream cheese icing (or icing in general), their cupcakes are probably not for you, but they also do lovely cakes. We love icing though J

Primrose Bakery

Primrose Bakery ( is situated in the heart of London, a 5-minute walk from Covent Garden, though they have three branches around London, the Covent Garden one, one in Primrose Hill and one on Kensington High Street. They all offer a few tables inside to sit and enjoy a coffee with the cupcakes. One word to describe the Primrose Bakery: cute (or as the Japanese would say, kawaiii). Many of their cupcakes are full of colourful sprinkles or beautiful decorations. Our absolute favourite is their special (once a week), their cinnamon cupcake, absolute heaven!!! They also have a few vegan options. And for all of us adults out there that want a cocktail cupcake, well they offer that too. We have tried their Margarita one and will be having more of their ‘cocktails’. Their regular cupcakes include vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and red velvet, and to add to their variety their daily specials. We have also seen rose and coconut vanilla cupcakes in the mix. Mhhh our mouths are watering just thinking of their cupcakes!

Crumbs & Doilies

Crumbs & Doilies (, in the heart of Soho, just off Regent’s Street. A small shop with a few seats along a counter, but we recommend to go there for takeout as it gets quite full and crowded. Jemma Wilson is the founder and baker of Crumbs & Doilies. She started off selling her cupcakes at markets and now she owns this one very successful little store in the heart of London. Her cupcakes are quirky, making weird and wonderful flavours and all we have tried so far have been a pleasure eating. Her flavours change daily. We had the pleasure of trying PB&J, tiramisu (absolutely wonderful), bacon&maple and coconut&raspberry. Her cupcakes are nice and moist. All cupcakes come in a regular or a small size, this is great if you want to try a selection as there are so many great sounding flavours making it hard deciding on only one. If you are in the area, go give it a try and see what you think.

I am sure on our quest for the best cupcake places we will be stumbling on more over time as there are many opening up at the moment, but if you know of any you think we must try let us know. And if you haven’t tried these three yet, go on, we are sure there is one that will turn into one of your favourites J

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