All about Iceland!

Traveling to Reykjavik has become a yearly tradition. Having friends there, Iceland definitely has a spot in our hearts. Since we’ve been going there for a few years now, we thought it’s about time to share a bit of our adventures in Iceland.

With tourism booming, going to Iceland nowadays is easier with major airlines and low cost carriers responding to the high demands.

First point of arrival is Keflavik (KEF) International Airport. It’s about 48,5 km from Reykjavik which takes 40 minute by car or 55 minutes on the bus. We usually take the bus as it’s convenient and the service is very reliable. Our friend picks us up at the main bus station (BSI). If you are traveling by bus ( either pre book your tickets online or get it from the airline you’re traveling with. It would save you a little bit of money. Most hotels also offer a free Shuttlebus to/from the main bus terminal. Of course having your own wheels makes traveling around easier but there are good day tours on offer from the airport or hotels.

If your pressed for time, visiting the Golden Circle is a good choice. Most of the major tourist spots in southern Iceland are located here. This includes Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfalls, Geysir and Strokkur in Haukadalur and Kerid a volcanic crater boasting an impressive caldera.

Gullfoss Waterfalls


Located in Haukadalur, Strokkur is still active and erupts every 6-10 minute. Make sure to stay long enough to see this. It’s spectacular to see how high the water explodes out of the earth.

Sightseeing always makes us hungry. Very, very hungry! Food in Iceland is amazing. The lunch menus are always tasty and a good value for money. Depending on the time of the year, a side salad or soup will be serve alongside the main dish.

Don’t miss visiting Fridheimer. A family run farm and equestrian business in Selfoss. They serve the best tomato soup we’ve tasted in a very long time. Make sure to pre book a table in advance as they get very busy. The restaurant is located in one of the greenhouses where you will be surrounded by beautiful tomatoe vines. It’s a unique experience that we can only recommend. For reservations please call: (+354) 486 8894 or contact

After our yummy lunch it’s time for something sweet… did you know that Icelander loves their ice cream?

This is only a small selection…

Who could say ‘no’ to this ice cream selection…??

We thought, after trying out the restaurants and going on a sightseeing tour, we should also try one of Iceland’s hotels and ended up staying in the Ion Hotel ( It is about a 1hr drive from Reykjavik and along the route of the Golden Circle, set in between mountains of lava and Sulphur sources (which you can definitely smell, this though is the charm of Iceland and its nature). Getting here you will definitely need a car. The rooms all have a wonderful view of the nature outside. There are two types of rooms, the deluxe and standard one (we stayed in a standard room which suited us very well). The products displayed in the bathrooms are all organic, which we loved. We were initially taken aback by the smell of the shower water, with a bit of a sulphurus smell, but then decided, as sulfur is rich in minerals, it was our own little Spa treatment without actually needing to go to a spa. For dinner we ate in their restaurant, and we can highly recommend it! Their food is absolutely delicious! And the breakfast selection is great too. We were hoping to see some northern lights, as the Ion Hotel has a wonderful and cozy bar area with big windows for the spectacle…unfortunately it was cloudy. If you are looking for a place to stay, give the Ion Hotel a try J









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