London summer cool down-finding what could be one of the best ice cream places London’s

We love ice cream, who doesn’t? So we have been wandering around London to try and find some of the best ice cream places (though everyone has different taste, so it is very personal), and we think we have found one, Ruby Violet ( Ruby Violet makes their ice cream from organic milk and locally sourced seasonal produce.

We have tried quite a few flavours (during two weeks since discovering this place we have gone by 5 times already…that says something). Masala chai was to dream for and if you like it hot and spicy why not give chocolate chili a go? The sales assistants are friendly and if you decided to go for a very unusual flavour, let you try beforehand (try before you buy 😉 ).

A small selection of the amazing and unique flavours on offer

They also have small tubs of ice cream on sale to take out and eat at home.

Ruby Violet has two shops, one in Tuffnel Park (the original one where the ice cream journey started, which is a convenient 10min walk from one of our gyms), and a recently opened shop in King’s Cross. When going to King’s Cross why not also try one of their restaurants for lunch or dinner before heading to Ruby Violets’ for dessert? We know we will be trying out some of the restaurants, but Ruby Violet will always be our choice for dessert! We can’t wait to go back again and see what flavours are on offer and see if our taste buds find a new favourite.

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