Going back in time-Japanese traditional tea house

We have been looking all around Tokyo for a traditional Japanese style tea house serving everything green tea and Japanese sweets related (motchi-rice cakes, azuki beans and similar). We think we have found it, in Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka neighbourhood, easily reachable from Shibuya and Oimachi. Jiyugaoka is on the Oimachi line and has many little restaurants, cafes and shops. Our favourite is the traditional Kosouan tea house (http://kosoan.co.jp/).

View from the main road leading through Jiyugaoka. You cannot miss this place as it is the only traditional Japanese style house in the area.

When entering Kosouan tea house everyone is required to take off their shoes (as is the custom in many traditional Japanese places).

Rows of shows at the entrance

When entering Kosouan you feel like you are taken back in time. The tea room is filled with Japanese artefacts. The menu includes Japanese green tea latte, matcha, matcha with rice cake and red beans, but they do also serve coffee if green tea is not your thing but you want to visit this to get a feel for the traditional Japan.

Green tea with rice cake and red beans and it comes with complimentary roasted tea

Green tea latte (matcha latte)

Looking for a typical Japanese style tea house in Tokyo? This is it! (and we have been on the search for one all around Tokyo).

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