Eclairs that dreams are made of…

You would think an éclair is an éclair…that is…until you have tried the eclairs from Maitre Choux ( A 3-minute walk away from South Kensington underground station these eclairs have a habit to smile at us when we walk past.

Looking through the window the decision on which éclair to go for is not the easiest. We each have our favourite flavours and they include coffee and vanilla pecan. Though we usually end up in Maitre Choux solely for the eclairs they do also sell choux (puff pastries filled with cream) in various flavours.

We would like to mention that the eclairs are on the expensive side (£5.20 each), but well worth it! They seem to melt in the mouth. If you are looking for a sweet treat, then we think this is a great place to go to.

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