I scream you scream amazingly yummy ice cream

Are you an ice cream fan? Then this one is a MUST (even if you are not an ice cream lover, this might turn you into one). Delicious Japanese style home-made ice cream. Whenever around Ebisu do not miss this! Ice Ouca!

Japanese Ice Ouca

This place is a 5 min walk from the Ebisu Jr station (http://www.ice-ouca.com/). It has some seating inside and benches outside to sit and enjoy the ice cream if the weather is good. Some of the flavours include: Matcha (green tea), green tea with brown sugar, cherry blossom with red bean, sesame, and more, but they also have seasonal flavours.

A few of the ice cream flavours

The smallest cup is 460 yen and gives the option of choosing from three different flavours. One of our favourite flavours is the cherry blossom with red bean (saying that though it is hard to choose a favourite flavour).

Trying different flavours

Ice cream with salted kombu flakes to be eaten after the dessert, helping to cleanse the pallet

Have you found your favourite three yet?

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